3 funny things that happened today in Indianapolis Real Estate Investing!

Indianapolis Property Management Funnies!

  1. One of our rentals has an old abandoned house next door.. No siding, roof is shot, windows are busted out, etc…City has it on the docket to sell via tax sale in October, then it will sit for another year to be reclaimed, and then probably 3-6 months before anyone does anything, and that is best case scenario…

    Several prospective tenants have stated they don’t like the abandoned home next door…

    We’ve been brainstorming ideas… I came up with a doozy… How about we Tyvek wrap the house next door to make it look like it’s being worked on… Is that ethically wrong? hahaha At the least it’s sealing it up from Indiana weather.. haha Still will have a bad roof, but I digress…  *UPDATE* The owner wants us to do it.. Says she will pay up to $500 to get it done! haha

  2. A woman refused to sign our lease today because we would not change out furnace filters and batteries in smoke detectors..I explained that we would do it for a fee(not free), or we would teach her how to do it at move-in, but she said it wasn’t her responsibility and that we were ridiculous…

    I was like “Hey, sorry to lose your business, but can’t afford to send a contractor out there for something that easy!”

  3.  I must be getting old… I had a 3rd thing to laugh about, but I can’t for the life of me remember.. I am sure it will be a late night just about to fall asleep and I will start laughing about whatever it was!