Work for Spouses Buying Houses, Inc

SBH Inc has been in the house fix-up/ rent/ sell business since 2007. We are proud to say we have helped hundreds of people move from renting into home ownership. We have good relations with local banks and suppliers. Work has been steady all this time. All properties managed are in and around Indianapolis. Most are in Marion County, but some are in Greenwood, Zionsville, Fishers, etc.

Projects fall into 2 categories:

  1. Part-time routine maintenance or handy-people, (eg.- leaky faucets, resolve water heater issues(pilot light/element), broken windows, loose/clogged gutters, diagnose minor electrical issues, replace circuit breakers, repair/replace screens, work with pex/copper,  etc.)
  2. Specialized contractors for our rehabs:
    • Plumbing(install tubs, toilets, vanities, sinks, garbage disposals, run new PEX, drains, etc). Doesn’t have to be licensed.
    • Electrical(Replace outlets/switches, lights, ceiling fans, vanity fans/lights, etc). Doesn’t have to be licensed.
    • Drywall – Patch small to large holes, finish rooms in drywall, get ready for paint.
    • Painters – Ceilings, walls, trim(different color), kitchen cabinets, Prime needed sometimes.
    • Tilers – Floors, tub surrounds, hardibacker under-layment, durok or greenboard for surrounds.
    • Flooring – Allure(vinyl based product), carpets, etc.
    • HVAC – Repair/replace HVAC systems
    • Siding
    • Masonry – chimneys, flues, brickwork
    • Hardwood Floor Refinishers
    • Cabinet Installers – Kitchen cabinets, countertops, install sinks, etc.
    • Framers – Frame out walls, closets, etc
    • Landscaping – Building walls, tree cutting/trimming, plants, etc

We’re looking for hustle and workers who can handle the job without babysitting. No one is expected to work on Sunday. Emergencies are rare. On most jobs, we set the amount to be paid. We base this on 30 years of experience and professional construction labor guidelines. This system frees the contractor to work, make money, cash his check, and go home at the end of the day. No wasted time “Looky-Lou” quote runs, costing, bidding, math errors, and time away from the jobsite. No more “hoping to get the bid” or “hoping to get paid”.

We supply materials, some we buy in bulk. The contractor is responsible to pick up and transport materials. Material handling time is built into the project’s price.

The order is written for labor only. If the contractor miscalculates on a materials list, he is only out the time it takes to run back to Lowes and pick up more materials.

When we write a Purchase Order for work, the money is in the bank waiting for completion. Our checks are always good. Have been for 35 years. Just ask any of our contractors.

Each order is paid approx. 1 business day after our supervisor judges the work complete. This can be hurried up by sending us before and after pictures via email or text. We ask contractors to hustle and in turn, we will hustle to get them paid. On occasion, we must add a few days for the bank to release the funds they are holding for that project. The contractor will be advised of this before he starts a project.

If you would like to work as a contractor for SBH Inc, please fill out the form below.

Please answer ALL questions. If you prefer to print this out, and when completed fax(317-537-7249) or email to


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