My name is Lee Smith, I buy and sell houses here in Indianapolis and surrounding towns!

I have been investing in real estate since 1992. I have been a licensed Indianapolis property manager and real estate broker since 2007. I not only work with investors, I am an investor. I have completed multiple flips and own many rentals. So I practice what I preach.

We are highly skilled in many strategies of real estate investing. Flips, buy and holds, lease options, etc. We work with investors both nationally, and internationally. We can help with any or all parts of your investing needs(purchase, any level of rehab, property management, and sales).

We are looking to grow our property management business. Our rentals range in price from $450-$1700 a month. We know and understand all of the different markets for rentals.

Why should you work with us?

Simplified and Tailored Service for Both Residents and Investors:

Rents paid on time

  •  Simple, online portal makes everything easier for the Residents.
  •  Residents choose how often and when they pay.
  •  Autodraft draws when residents don’t.
  •  Zero-tolerance late rent policy.

Residents with more responsibility means more profits for you…

  •  Pay day plan option for residents means more revenue.
  •  Fewer expenses because our residents manage furnace filters, bedbugs, mold, rodents, etc.
  •  Residents maintain lawn and landscaping in single-family units.
  •  Move-in/move-out inspections include video to ensure accurate damage assessment and expenses.

…And, more profits for you…

  •  Automatic annual rent increases.
  •  We strive for 2+ year leases from the signing.
  •  Broad range of advertising decreases vacancies.
  •  Additional income from ad hoc conveniences: animals, A/C units, washers/dryers, detached garages.
  • We answer prospective resident calls up until 9pm 7 days a week!

As an investor, you have access to your property status and details 24/7 with our online portal(Buildium). You will also receive weekly metrics on your vacant units, monthly financial updates, and tailored service from our team to meet your needs and your business’ needs.

Give us a call or send us an email today!
Lee Smith

Other Services We Offer!

  • Daily New Listings Email – $50 a month – I have a person who screens out properties that are listed every day, on the MLS, looking for listings, that are 70% below tax assessed values. You will get an email daily, and if you are interested we will go take a look at it for you. Once we go look at it, we will provide you with a video of the property, a rough cost of repair, and all of the issues we see. We generally charge $100 for this video service, but it would be included with your monthly fee for free. – We do require that if you get a lead from us that you will use us as the agent to purchase said property.  There is no contract to sign, and you can cancel at any time. Ask us for a free sample if you like. 
  • $5 comparative market analysis – You give me the address, and I will pull up Active, pending, sold over the past year and leases within past 2 years. Quarter mile radius or neighborhood.  You will get spreadsheet view, map view, individual listings, and all of the pictures for those listings.
  • Video services $100 – We will go out to your property and HD film(1080p/60fps) a property for you and point out any issues we see with the property. Great for the out of state owner that needs to know where he is with his properties or wants to review before purchase. I am not an inspector, nor will I debate with your contractor/tenants, but I will point things out as I see them.